Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Artist Name

I've included a link to an article from Amanda Day of Doll Makers Dream, about your artist name. I admit that I've often wondered if I should change my "art" name to my maiden name because my maiden name is less common and rather unique. "Godsey" spelled backwards "yes dog", as my father pointed out to me when I was a young girl. It was a funny thing to notice and we laughed about it, and is one of my fondest childhood memories. What is also kind of funny is that at that time "Elsy the cow" (milk) commercials were on TV quite often, and my first/middle initials were L.C... so my maiden name always reminds me of Elsy the cow and yes dog! LOL! Mostly though, it reminds me of my father, who died about 6 years ago, who I miss very much.

Drawing, painting and sculpture has always, always been forefront on my mind, when I look at trees, the sky, flowers and the sea, etc. I've always been fascinating by how light and dark curves around the human body giving it form and depth and I've always tried to imagine how to draw or paint the effect. Art and it's creation has always, always inspired, mesmerized and fascinated my senses.

My mom was the artist who inspired and encouraged me the most. She never did a whole lot, just dabbling here and there, just like I've always done. She would usually take her sketch pad and pencils when we went fishing, which was as often as her health would allow. Sometimes every weekend for weeks at a time. We were amazed that she would continue fishing no matter the weather; in rain, sleet, hottest day or throughout the coldest night. We were all given "handles" when my father discovered the CB radio. Dad was Saltwater Sam, Mom was Sunblister, and us three girls were, chronicled by age, Shrimp-1 (me), Shrimp-2 and Shrimp-3.

Funny, I just remembered something my middle sister said to me a couple of months ago... that I should paint some of our childhood memories, like Dad shooting off his tiny cannon at the beach during the 4'th of July. Maybe one of Mom standing on the rocks fishing in the sleet with Dad and us girls watching her, huddled against the cold wet in the station wagon. I wonder if I could possibly portray it in oils. It would be very hard to do without reference photos.

Mom was sick a lot when I was growing up. Giving birth to three daughters, having 9 miscarriages, a prolapsed uterus and hysterectomy, and just generally one health complication after another her whole life. Fishing was a relatively inexpensive pastime for a family of five, and was a way for her to get away from the four walls. Us three girls could explore all we wanted to, as long as we kept within earshot of the car horn.

I adopted her habit of carrying around pencils and drawing pad as well, sketching scenes from my lawn chair on the piers and beaches while waiting for a fish to bite, or while traveling in the car. I miss Mom too. We lost her 2 months ago, due to complications after surgery to remove a mass on her overy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Redheaded Girl in Colored Pencil

I just finished this portrait, done entirely in Prismacolor Colored Pencil on  9"x12" Strathmore Bristol smooth. This is my first attempt at a portrait using Colored Pencils and it's taken me about a week to complete it. smile emoticon I used a technique which Lisa Clough Artist Lachri demonstrated in one of her videos, in which she demonstrates using paint thinner as a blending medium. Cool effect! Lisa is very good and shares many tips and demonstrations! I really enjoyed practicing the technique while working on this project. I'm very proud of it and hope you're enjoying watching my progress as I learn to be a better artist :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Know Your Limit

Recently my son and I were looking at photos that I'd taken of him the first time he got drunk. We were home, I'd given my permission and he was in my presence. It was an experience passed down from the previous generation.

It reminded me of the first time I got drunk. I was at home with my mom and dad. I was a teenager, around 13, and had asked about drinking. I'd wanted to try it so they made it available and both mom and dad gave their permission for me to have as much as I wanted, this one time. We all laughed at how funny I was acting. I drank up every leftover wine they had in the house. 

OMG I got rip-roaring drunk! Later that night I learned what it meant to bow before the porcelon throne. Afterwards, I layed in bed, gripping the sides to keep from falling out! I realized then that I didn't like feeling out of control. My arms and legs didn't work right. The room wouldn't stop spinning, and I hated the disgusting taste left in my mouth after the wine came up, and the taste in my mouth remaining the next morning. 

I agree with his philosophy, that letting your young adult offspring find out what it felt like to get drunk was much better and safer  than the first time in an unsupervised situation. Dad had said he'd rather I got drunk the first time in front of him rather than behind his back.

After my night of drinking, my dad explained a very important point which I'm passing on to you. His #1rule. was to "know your limit". He explained that if you're feeling tipsy, remember that there's AT LEAST  one more drink in your tummy that hasn't even hit you yet, so be aware and stay in control at all times. Wise words to live by, because you can end up doing stupid, stupid things when you're drunk that you wouldn't do when sober. 

There's a lot of guys out there that would take advantage of a girl, guys who would "help" you get really drunk and/or even drug you, just so they can get in your pants. Have you ever had a total stranger walk up to you and start chatting, maybe ask you to dance, later in the evening, after you've started getting drunk? And then he bought you another? What you don't know is that some guys keep an eye outfor girls/women who's getting drunk that doesn't have a guy with her. A cute guy who acts so incredibly fun (or shy and sweet) can turn mean after you get drunk, or just not care that you're saying no, or not care what kind of person you are, not care that you can hardly walk. 

If you're going to drink, then pace yourself, remember that after that first one there's one in your tummy that hasn't even hit you yet. Eat a little something before you go out partying so you can enjoy the night with your friends instead of getting trashed (lose control) right after you arrrive at the party. Drink a glass of water or soda in between alcoholic beverages, so you won't have that horrible, splitting headache the next morning, especially if you have to do something other than feeling naucous and in bed the entire next day. 

While out drinking/partying always take your drink with you everywhere you go, and if you do lose sight of it then get a new one. There are date-rape drugs out there that start working very quickly and you could be whisked away to a private corner or car/van/room before you even realize what's going on. 

I know a lot of people who won't eat anything before going out drinking... and they get stupid drunk. They lose control. They fight. They get in cars with a drunk driver. 

Knowing your limit keeps you in control.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Today I realized frustration

One of the things I've learned today is frustration. A couple months ago I started a very large oil painting (about 5'x4'). I've dabbled on it a couple times since then, including today, quickly gotten frustrated with the enormity of the project, and again left it.
I didn't draw it out first. I didn't plan it. I just started applying paint, blocking in the shapes, covered the canvas with some paint. I'd worked on it a long time, then left it for next time. Each time I've come back to it I've realized that something is "off" about it. Today I realized that the rocks hilights which I'd placed in the river the last time I tackled it are way off. The last time I'd approached it I'd realized the trees with the bright, colorful Autumn leaves were "off" so I tried to adjust them. They weren't in the right place. This is so frustrating! And it's the reason I keep leaving projects which I've started.

I think one of the things I've got to start doing is not taking on huge challenges that are beyond my skill and knowledge.

I need to start simpler.

I need to do the drawing first, make sure everything is in the right place before I ever start applying paint.

I need to plan paintings so I don't get lost.

Finding New Inspiration

Here's an idea for developing inspiration for a sculpture or paintings... it is to go through the TV Guide and read the titles until one of them pops an image or an idea into your mind for a painting or sculpture, but make it your own. For instance a movie on now is The Crimson Wing, so you could make a red winged sculpture or painting with really red wings or red/fire inspired.... or Purple Rain is coming on later so a painting or sculpture could revolve around the color purple or around rain.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My First Blog Post!

I'm so excited right now! I've discovered that I can have a page to do my writing AND show my art. All in one place! Which is pretty darn cool for someone like me who has lots of different interests and no place to hold it all. :)

My day started when I began updating my Google+ account, by making a page just to share my art. Now that I'm retired as a haircolorist/stylist, I finally have much more time to work on different art and writing projects. After 26 years in that industry I'd felt that I just wasn't growing anymore. It didn't seem to spark my hunger for learning and creativity as it once did. I felt stagnant.

Looking over photos of my past work I realized just how much I've missed the process of getting inspired, brainstorming and of creating something new and unique, of just sitting on a pier sketching the people around me as I waited for a fish to bite. I recalled sketching my children as they took their afternoon naps. I longingly remembered the drawing and painting classes I've been to, the many art books and supplies I've received as gifts and purchased myself over the years, ever since I was a very little girl who admired my moms drawings and showed an interest. It was OK back then to just sit and draw, to be alone in ones thoughts, to create, get messy, to let loose of the outside world with all it's drama and ugliness.

And now I'm free.
I still can't believe it! (I hope it lasts)
Now, I know I still have to get house-cleaning in there, and cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends, and exercise. And reading. And more art classes!
One of the things I've always wanted to try is Plein Air painting. And learning how to sculpt with clay.
Here is one of my favorite paintings. My inspiration was a photo I took of my husband on our honeymoon. We were in Florida, kayaking and fishing. The weather was great and the fish were biting. He's looking into a little cove in which he'd found a trail and a deer antler.

This is my reference photo: