Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Know Your Limit

Recently my son and I were looking at photos that I'd taken of him the first time he got drunk. We were home, I'd given my permission and he was in my presence. It was an experience passed down from the previous generation.

It reminded me of the first time I got drunk. I was at home with my mom and dad. I was a teenager, around 13, and had asked about drinking. I'd wanted to try it so they made it available and both mom and dad gave their permission for me to have as much as I wanted, this one time. We all laughed at how funny I was acting. I drank up every leftover wine they had in the house. 

OMG I got rip-roaring drunk! Later that night I learned what it meant to bow before the porcelon throne. Afterwards, I layed in bed, gripping the sides to keep from falling out! I realized then that I didn't like feeling out of control. My arms and legs didn't work right. The room wouldn't stop spinning, and I hated the disgusting taste left in my mouth after the wine came up, and the taste in my mouth remaining the next morning. 

I agree with his philosophy, that letting your young adult offspring find out what it felt like to get drunk was much better and safer  than the first time in an unsupervised situation. Dad had said he'd rather I got drunk the first time in front of him rather than behind his back.

After my night of drinking, my dad explained a very important point which I'm passing on to you. His #1rule. was to "know your limit". He explained that if you're feeling tipsy, remember that there's AT LEAST  one more drink in your tummy that hasn't even hit you yet, so be aware and stay in control at all times. Wise words to live by, because you can end up doing stupid, stupid things when you're drunk that you wouldn't do when sober. 

There's a lot of guys out there that would take advantage of a girl, guys who would "help" you get really drunk and/or even drug you, just so they can get in your pants. Have you ever had a total stranger walk up to you and start chatting, maybe ask you to dance, later in the evening, after you've started getting drunk? And then he bought you another? What you don't know is that some guys keep an eye outfor girls/women who's getting drunk that doesn't have a guy with her. A cute guy who acts so incredibly fun (or shy and sweet) can turn mean after you get drunk, or just not care that you're saying no, or not care what kind of person you are, not care that you can hardly walk. 

If you're going to drink, then pace yourself, remember that after that first one there's one in your tummy that hasn't even hit you yet. Eat a little something before you go out partying so you can enjoy the night with your friends instead of getting trashed (lose control) right after you arrrive at the party. Drink a glass of water or soda in between alcoholic beverages, so you won't have that horrible, splitting headache the next morning, especially if you have to do something other than feeling naucous and in bed the entire next day. 

While out drinking/partying always take your drink with you everywhere you go, and if you do lose sight of it then get a new one. There are date-rape drugs out there that start working very quickly and you could be whisked away to a private corner or car/van/room before you even realize what's going on. 

I know a lot of people who won't eat anything before going out drinking... and they get stupid drunk. They lose control. They fight. They get in cars with a drunk driver. 

Knowing your limit keeps you in control.