Monday, June 15, 2015

Today I realized frustration

One of the things I've learned today is frustration. A couple months ago I started a very large oil painting (about 5'x4'). I've dabbled on it a couple times since then, including today, quickly gotten frustrated with the enormity of the project, and again left it.
I didn't draw it out first. I didn't plan it. I just started applying paint, blocking in the shapes, covered the canvas with some paint. I'd worked on it a long time, then left it for next time. Each time I've come back to it I've realized that something is "off" about it. Today I realized that the rocks hilights which I'd placed in the river the last time I tackled it are way off. The last time I'd approached it I'd realized the trees with the bright, colorful Autumn leaves were "off" so I tried to adjust them. They weren't in the right place. This is so frustrating! And it's the reason I keep leaving projects which I've started.

I think one of the things I've got to start doing is not taking on huge challenges that are beyond my skill and knowledge.

I need to start simpler.

I need to do the drawing first, make sure everything is in the right place before I ever start applying paint.

I need to plan paintings so I don't get lost.