Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My First Blog Post!

I'm so excited right now! I've discovered that I can have a page to do my writing AND show my art. All in one place! Which is pretty darn cool for someone like me who has lots of different interests and no place to hold it all. :)

My day started when I began updating my Google+ account, by making a page just to share my art. Now that I'm retired as a haircolorist/stylist, I finally have much more time to work on different art and writing projects. After 26 years in that industry I'd felt that I just wasn't growing anymore. It didn't seem to spark my hunger for learning and creativity as it once did. I felt stagnant.

Looking over photos of my past work I realized just how much I've missed the process of getting inspired, brainstorming and of creating something new and unique, of just sitting on a pier sketching the people around me as I waited for a fish to bite. I recalled sketching my children as they took their afternoon naps. I longingly remembered the drawing and painting classes I've been to, the many art books and supplies I've received as gifts and purchased myself over the years, ever since I was a very little girl who admired my moms drawings and showed an interest. It was OK back then to just sit and draw, to be alone in ones thoughts, to create, get messy, to let loose of the outside world with all it's drama and ugliness.

And now I'm free.
I still can't believe it! (I hope it lasts)
Now, I know I still have to get house-cleaning in there, and cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends, and exercise. And reading. And more art classes!
One of the things I've always wanted to try is Plein Air painting. And learning how to sculpt with clay.
Here is one of my favorite paintings. My inspiration was a photo I took of my husband on our honeymoon. We were in Florida, kayaking and fishing. The weather was great and the fish were biting. He's looking into a little cove in which he'd found a trail and a deer antler.

This is my reference photo: