Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Artist Name

I've included a link to an article from Amanda Day of Doll Makers Dream, about your artist name. I admit that I've often wondered if I should change my "art" name to my maiden name because my maiden name is less common and rather unique. "Godsey" spelled backwards "yes dog", as my father pointed out to me when I was a young girl. It was a funny thing to notice and we laughed about it, and is one of my fondest childhood memories. What is also kind of funny is that at that time "Elsy the cow" (milk) commercials were on TV quite often, and my first/middle initials were L.C... so my maiden name always reminds me of Elsy the cow and yes dog! LOL! Mostly though, it reminds me of my father, who died about 6 years ago, who I miss very much.

Drawing, painting and sculpture has always, always been forefront on my mind, when I look at trees, the sky, flowers and the sea, etc. I've always been fascinating by how light and dark curves around the human body giving it form and depth and I've always tried to imagine how to draw or paint the effect. Art and it's creation has always, always inspired, mesmerized and fascinated my senses.

My mom was the artist who inspired and encouraged me the most. She never did a whole lot, just dabbling here and there, just like I've always done. She would usually take her sketch pad and pencils when we went fishing, which was as often as her health would allow. Sometimes every weekend for weeks at a time. We were amazed that she would continue fishing no matter the weather; in rain, sleet, hottest day or throughout the coldest night. We were all given "handles" when my father discovered the CB radio. Dad was Saltwater Sam, Mom was Sunblister, and us three girls were, chronicled by age, Shrimp-1 (me), Shrimp-2 and Shrimp-3.

Funny, I just remembered something my middle sister said to me a couple of months ago... that I should paint some of our childhood memories, like Dad shooting off his tiny cannon at the beach during the 4'th of July. Maybe one of Mom standing on the rocks fishing in the sleet with Dad and us girls watching her, huddled against the cold wet in the station wagon. I wonder if I could possibly portray it in oils. It would be very hard to do without reference photos.

Mom was sick a lot when I was growing up. Giving birth to three daughters, having 9 miscarriages, a prolapsed uterus and hysterectomy, and just generally one health complication after another her whole life. Fishing was a relatively inexpensive pastime for a family of five, and was a way for her to get away from the four walls. Us three girls could explore all we wanted to, as long as we kept within earshot of the car horn.

I adopted her habit of carrying around pencils and drawing pad as well, sketching scenes from my lawn chair on the piers and beaches while waiting for a fish to bite, or while traveling in the car. I miss Mom too. We lost her 2 months ago, due to complications after surgery to remove a mass on her overy.